Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Lose weight and experience the RVHA transformation to better health!*** RVHA’s Health and Weight Loss program is an amazing weight-loss program that is sweeping the New River Valley area, and it can completely change your life!

Our weight loss program focuses on enhancing your health at a cellular level, supporting thyroid inefficiencies, adrenal fatigue, and positively influencing hormonal stability and clearing out harmful toxins as you lose weight.*** In addition, our weight loss staff will ensure you receive the personalized support you need throughout your weight loss journey.

Not only will our program transform your body inside and out, but you will also improve your health.*** With customized weight loss plans, you can watch the pounds melt away, which can greatly reduce the risk of Coronary Artery Disease, thyroid problems, autoimmune disorders, stroke, and Type II Diabetes.*** Following our body transformation weight loss program can help you reset your weight set point and help you achieve your weight loss goals.*

Initial Consultation and Medical Assessment

  • Customized weight loss plan
  • Diet plan detailing calorie restrictions and meal recommendations
  • Meal replacement shakes hand selected for your dietary needs and taste preferences
  • Suggested meals and recipe resources
  • Vitamins and supplements to maximize nutrition, digestion, and metabolism
  • Health Coaching Resources
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions and weigh ins to keep you on track and review your diet
  • Medical Weight Loss Prescriptions
  • Weekly Lipotropic injections (priced separately) to balance hormones, aid fat metabolism, increase energy, and improve cellular function. Injections commonly include a targeted amino acid profiles known to stimulate fat burning and weight loss.
  • Appetite Suppressants, if necessary and determined safe for you to use, will be prescribed to help you overcome cravings and overeating (priced separately)
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, if necessary, will be used to address severe hormone imbalances (priced separately)

Health Coaching

Big lifestyle changes require a lot of support. We are here for you every step of the journey. Whether you need weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with our professional health coaches, or some help navigating the grocery store and in the kitchen, we have the tools to help you succeed.


Support When You Need It

There is no question that weight loss is easier when you have guidance and support. Our professional health coach is skilled in helping you to create meal plans, shop and cook for health, and overcome obstacles that impede your progress.
To help you achieve your goals, on your schedule, we offer several options. Participants in our Health Coaching services have access to their coach through email, video messaging, or in person. We will cheer you on and guide you as much as you need.

Appetite Suppressants

Weight loss isn’t always easy. For patients who struggle with chronic overeating or have a large amount of weight to lose, adding a prescription appetite suppressant is sometimes recommended. Especially in the early days of a weight loss program, this can be an effective tool while adjusting to your new diet and lifestyle.

If you are a candidate for this therapy, your Medical Weight Loss Doctor will chose an appropriate prescription appetite suppressant for you. They are best used short term in conjunction with a healthy diet and appropriate exercise routine.

Appetite suppressants will help you feel full, removing the frustration of drastic calorie reduction and elimination of addictive processed foods from your diet. Hunger cues in the brain are quieted, allowing you to stay focused on your weight loss journey.

Nutritional Supplements

Losing weight requires proper nutrition and a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals. Even with a healthy diet, adding key supplements is essential to boosting your weight loss efforts. Nutrition is enhanced, putting your body in peak condition.


Years of overeating and excessive consumption of sugar and carbohydrates can create imbalance in your gut. And when your gut is out of balance, digestion and metabolism are slowed. Probiotics bring things back in to balance, feeding your body with good bacteria that heals the gut and improves digestion.

EPA-DHA Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 Fatty Acids- commonly found in oily fish like tuna, salmon, and sardines- is important to reducing inflammation in the body and decreasing triglycerides. Because consuming large amounts of these fish puts you at risk for unhealthy mercury exposure, we offer a supplement that is mercury free and highly effective. Providing benefits to your cardiovascular health, mood stabilization, healthy blood lipids, and overall health.


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**Individual Results Related to Weight Loss May Vary
***Individual Results Related to Improved Health May Vary